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I enjoyed my visit to your website and today took some photos from Arthurs Seat.

1/9/2001: Today I took some photos from Arthur's Seat of Loch Duddingston.


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Rent this video, 25 minutes into the film, find DUDDING'S DRUG in the street scene where the student reporter is interviewing a woman whose furniture was repossessed.  

My son, Mark discovered it while watching a re-run on TV.  I think it is my uncle Charles Dudding's drugstore in Holbrook, Arizona.

No, Lloyd... 
It is my grandpa's, your uncle Gene's drugstore, which we called "Number 1", in Chandler, AZ.  I remember that movie being filmed in Chandler.  Wow, that was a long time ago.  I'd forgotten all about it. 
Ed Dudding

I remember seeing this movie back in 1974 in Berlin, Germany where I was stationed for a while, and just being amazed to see the "Duddings Drug" sign on the screen. Up to that time I had no idea that the Duddings went much beyond West Virginia.
David A. Dudding

Dudding's Mill by Jack Staff

(Jack staff was William Simms pen name)
Dudding's Mill was written in 1850's

By an old grey rock at the floor of the shoals,
stood a quaint old mill where the water rolls.
'Twas a part of the scene with the trees and cliff,
And the water wheel, and the miller's skiff.

And the miller himself, in his dusty coat,
As he paddled away to the passing boat.
And the cliff and the trees and the house on the hill,
And the old grey rock seemed part of the mill.

But the mill grew old and the old wheel shook,
And the slanting roof had a battered look.
The passing years with their days of care,
Had frosted the brow of the miller's hair.

Now the old rock stands like a sentinel grey,
To mark the spot where the old mill lay.
The cliff is there, and the house on the hill,
But I look in vain for the quaint old mill.

Dudding's mill was built shortly after John Dudding settled in Kanawha County Virginia in 1799. It was located at Johnson's Shoals, about one half-mile below the mouth of Scary Creek.

Duddingston PLACE SE, WASHINGTON, DC, 20003, US

Discovered by my eleven year old granddaughter, Nicole, when touring the eastern United states she sent the following e-mail:

Dear Grandpa Lloyd,

While Grandma Denny and I were working on a crossword puzzle, we got stumped on a question. It has to do with a Washington address, so I looked on one of my maps of Washington D.C. Guess What? While I was looking just a tad under the middle of the map I saw a street name that you might like. If you hadn't already figured it out, the name of the street is, Duddingston! I know, I can't believe it either. I just had to tell you. I hope that you can go on the internet and try to find it. If you will, I will give you directions right now. Duddingston Place. is in between 1st & 2nd street. If you don't have a big enough map, then maybe I can show you my scrapbook.

Love, Nicole

Travis James Peterson, self portrait, age 7We have as a goal the gathering and sharing of information Elizabeth Christine Peterson - self portrait age 5 1/2about the individuals whose surname or whose ancestor's surname is Dudding, Duddingston, Duddingston and other derivatives which we may discover.

E-mail will be employed in an effort to fulfill our commitment, beginning with a list of 16 Duddings and one Duddingston among the five million e-mail addresses contained in the internet database known as "Bigfoot".  We will build and maintain the plnt's most comprehensive Dudding E-Mail Directory.

Elizabeth Christine Peterson - self portrait Tyler Lee Peterson - self portrait, age 4

Tartan for Duddingston Village, Edinburgh, ScotlandLloyd, here is some information on the Dudding origins in England. The first mention of the name Dudding is in the list of Rectors of Alkborough Church in the district of North Holland in Lincolnshire, England. In 1425 listed is a William Dudde, who was the source of the names in the region of Duddi, Duddyn, Duddin, Dudding and Duddinge. The Duddings appear in the church records in 1604 and are associated with the village until modern times - a Lady Dudding still lives in the area. The vcarious branches of the Duddings spread slowly to the neighbouring villages and this is how the various spellings of the name came about. During my research I have not come across an Alfred Earl Dudding but the Lincolnshire Archives hold copies of the Dudding Wills and have a web site at http://www.lincs-archives.com or email archives@lincsdoc.demon.co.uk. Also the Lincolnshire Family History Society at http://www.demon.co.uk/lincs-archives/la_ndx.htm may be able to help.

At present I am having trouble accessing my mail at the address I supplied you with earlier and will be using my daughters e-mail address until further notice. Hope the information will provide useful!

Derek Duddingston

September 23, 2000, Merv Layton reports on Dudding Motto Translation

Had some luck yesterday translated Dudding motto. "Recreat et alit" translates "It amuses and nourishes".
It supposedly refers to coarsing, as the crest is a greyhound.
Went to Scottish Heritage Center in Long Beach, I went to see the Queen Mary. The first shop in the village was the Scottish Heritage Center.
The young man looked up the motto in a book he had . He said they didn't carry the book for sale. I don't know the name of the book nor the language.  They maybe able to answer your questions about the language, etc.
E-mail: inquiry@scottishheritagecenter.com or visit http://www.scottishheritagecenter.com
Carol Ann Dudding Layton
My first cousin, Carol Ann Dudding Layton, wearing Duddingston Tartan, July, 2005.

Tartan for Duddingston Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

Tartan for Duddingston Village, Edinburgh, Scotland

Lloyd I. Dudding, Webmaster

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